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Who Are We?

Everyone deserves to look and feel good about themselves. We seek to diversify in the most nuanced ways from our ingredient selection to branding are important to us. We formulate products for are all skin types but prioritize the needs of those with the richest in melanin first.

Quench Your Skin

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I absolutely love the body butter!! My favorite time of the day is after I shower and get to apply my eucalyptus lavender butter!

April, from southern California

The beard oil is lightweight enough to use daily & the smell doesn't over power my cologne.

Terrence, from Houston

Nzuri's Dewy Rosehip + Neem Oil: this is a love of mine. It is soothing, so hydrating & sinks into my skin quickly. It doesn't aggravate my acne.

Ericka, from Denver

Matcha Madness

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A 100% natural, cruelty-free beard oil designed to help you reach optimal hair health and beauty.

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